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I LOVED your golfing story. Read every word. You're a wonderful writer. (Peter Bowerman, the Well-Fed Writer)


Big Things rule! ... and the video of the Airbus  is great. (Jim McDonald, Birmingham, UK)

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Having enjoyed reading your biographical, They can't take that away from me... I would love to post your article (for my) course for seniors entitled Autobiography and Journaling ... and let them read your article as a good example of what I call the reader's writer, clearly expressed and easy to read. (Howell)

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The French language has always appealed to me ... so I enjoyed Lavinia's experiences en France! (Di Sullivan, Perth, Australia)

I am an American and an expat here since 1990. I have been a subscriber to Writing Tip for a few years now and look forward to the Friday editions. I archive by creating topics of the tips relevant to me and often refer. (Mary, Lagos, Nigeria)


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Who said Aussies would bet on two flies crawling up a wall? Now I know better! (Bill Denham, Chicago, USA)


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I enjoy reading your page every week, Jennifer, it's never boring and there's always something to bring a smile to my face! (Kenny Dima, Tenerife, Spain)

Thanks for pitching in to help clarify the English Language for and with us. (Paul, Portland, USA)

Your story about the evil glasses made my day :)  (Edith, Derbyshire, UK) 


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I enjoy your letter and use it in my advanced writing class here in China. (Bugs, Shenzhen, CHINA)

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I always look forward to your Latin quote of the week. (Paul, Mexico City, Mexico)

Aah! Those evil marionettes are everywhere! Thanks for another great laugh! (Jim Fraser, Vancouver, Canada) 


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Your remarks regarding the alien contact had me in stitches, figuratively speaking, of course. (Dave Wagner, Sacramento, US)

The best part of the missive is the introduction to Australian humour and expressions.  (Chaska, Prince Edward County, CANADA)


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Like your site...very inspirational when you get writer's block like me! (Peter, Seoul, South Korea)


All About Australia

Nice letter, I was using google for once, twice, thrice and quince, and found this page, great ;) (Marv, Zwolle, NETHERLANDS)

One of the most amusing and erudite newsletters that makes my day. Keep going. (David Vasnaik, Bangalore, INDIA)

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Great newsletter - originally found this site after searching for clarification on a contentious point amongst work colleagues. Just had to look at old issues and now look forward to Fridays (Juliet Wallace, Manchester, ENGLAND)



How Does Your Vocabulary Measure Up In Today's Fast-Paced Society?

by Marilyn Estelle

Whilst studying, my daughter attended an interview for a weekend reception position. The interviewer indicated that she would need to work “alternative” weekends! Of course the word used should have been “alternate”. In conversation, people frequently use similar sounding words in the wrong context. Often, it isn’t poor intelligence that causes word misuse; it is simply that the person never took the time to properly acquaint himself with the English language. Sadly, he may never know the mistakes he makes!!

Do you consider yourself a well-read and well-spoken individual? Does your spoken language convey the complete extent of the ideas and vitality of your mind and allow you to comprehend the spoken and written word fully? In other words, have you enough understanding of the English language to achieve your goals in life?

Contemplate for a moment whether your vocabulary comes up to scratch and ask yourself how many words you skip over when reading a newspaper or book? The test of knowing a word is undoubtedly the confidence to use it.

Knowledge is power and word power shows knowledge.

Why should you improve your vocabulary?

With so much competition out there, finding a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd can make all the difference.

Better work or study opportunities provide just two of the motivators for wanting to improve your vocabulary. The sense of achievement and self worth gained by fully comprehending most of what you read and hear as you progress through your life is a great reward for your hard work. However, on the negative side, a misunderstanding in the context of language is not only frustrating and embarrassing but can also cause errors in judgment, particularly when perusing legal documents.

How to start improving your vocabulary now

We’d all love to wake up one morning with our mind and mouth connecting and producing a rich and expressive vocabulary, when yesterday we were little more than average. It is not easy to move from middling word power to a powerful vocabulary without some preparation and a degree of hard work.

So how does one become more familiar with a language that they have learned from birth? Once you begin this journey it will become a life-long obsession and a very fulfilling pastime. A great start is to improve your basic vocabulary over a 6 week period using one of the many vocabulary improvement programs or books available.

As an adjunct to this I would say read, read, read! Read magazines, books, and the internet. Read widely and keep a small notebook for writing down new words. Better still write the whole sentence. This way you are reminded of the usage of the word.

When using a computer program for your vocabulary improvement, make sure you add newly found words to a word list in the program. This maintains a record for future reference and good vocabulary programs have this facility.

Any time you hear someone say an unfamiliar word, look it up on the internet and remember to keep that notebook handy for new words. Before you know it you will have an impressive command of English as well as a wide general knowledge.

Having a great vocabulary doesn’t mean spouting words that no-one can understand. Good communication is about knowing and using the right word and not necessarily the longest word. As Winston Churchill, a man of many wonderful words said: “Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all.” Set yourself free to be more articulate and communicative. Good luck with your journey through our wonderful language!

Marilyn Estelle. Learning expert - eReflect software. How much can a powerful vocabulary boost your career? eReflect have created the *ultimate* FREE mini-course - "5 steps to a powerful vocabulary" free Details visit ultimate vocabulary software.

Some ways to develop your vocabulary so that powerful words become commonplace
  • Practice using the word in different contexts, either by using it in writing or in conversation (University of Alabama, 2009);
  • Repetition. Using the same word in different sentences and repeating its use;
  • The use of index cards with the word; definition; different variations; and usage is an effective way of increasing one’s vocabulary;
  • Wide-spread reading helps to increase vocabulary. If you want to increase powerful words, read text that is rich in such words;
  • The use of software that integrates many learning strategies into one tool can greatly assist the development of vocabulary. This increases the rate at which learning can occur, and the effectiveness of learning.

And don't forget your *ultimate* FREE mini-course - "5 steps to a powerful vocabulary" Click now to get yours!

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