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Finding Your Niche Newsletter Writing Skills

This basically means figuring out how you can slot your newsletter into the marketplace. If you try to market a newsletter to a saturated market, it will not take off. I can almost guarantee it.

Here are three very effective ways to ‘find your slot’:

1. Develop a unique product that isn’t on the market at the moment. (high risk)

2. Find a successful product that is on the market at the moment or used to be, and give it a unique twist. (medium to low risk)

3. Find a booming sector of the market and develop a unique selling proposition that fills an unfulfilled want in this sector. (low risk)

Developing a unique product is risky

You don’t know for sure that all your work and effort is going to work out. The only way to really know is to let the market tell you. Test your product with a small campaign and if it bombs, drop it. If it flies, run with it. Don’t let the emotion of coming up with a unique product distract you from pulling out if the market doesn’t want it. By all means develop your unique product a bit more and have another go, but always remember to listen to the market.

If you give a successful product a unique twist you have a good chance of making your newsletter fly

It’s still quite risky though. Once again your unique twist needs to be something that others aren’t offering and solves a big enough problem to sell your product. A good example of a unique twist is a newsletter about golfing with free membership to a local club or something.

Developing a unique selling proposition (USP) is less risky but slightly more difficult

A USP is a statement that distinguishes you from every other newsletter. It’s what makes your subscribers get excited about your newsletter.

Here’s what you do to create a USP.

Have a look at as many newsletters USP’s as you can. These are usually found just below the name of the newsletter. Really think what they are trying to say and how they are saying it. Now, think of what you want your subscribers to think when they see your newsletter. Ask yourself “What would really make them fall over themselves to get my newsletter?” and “Why would anyone want to buy my newsletter as opposed to anyone else’s?”

Next, forget all about it! Let all this information stew in your mind for a while. Every day spend about 10 minutes thinking about it again. Then shut it out of your mind. One day you’ll say ‘Bugger me, that’s it!’ And your USP will have been born. Trust me on this one, it works!

At first you may find that the USP you come up with is a bit rough around the edges. Just edit it to make it more crisp, clear and specific. Make it something you can always stick by. Never make it so hyped up that you cannot keep your word.

Here are a few examples of successful USP’s to inspire you.

“THE Golf Enthusiasts Leader”

“All you’ll ever need to become a… Guaranteed.”

“Shaves As Close As A Blade Or Your Money Back” (Groan, groan!)

“You Get THE Most Vital Advice Ever or it’s FREE!”

“Natural Health Is Our Specialty”

“Your Favourite Tid-Bits For Less, Instantly”

“Committed To…!”

“The Insider Journal Of…”

“Only Genuine Tips And Advice on…”

Study these USP’s carefully. All of these have helped build great businesses, fast. You can always change a few words here and there to create your own special USP!

By: Ronald David Ruhle