Kombucha Benefits


When I was travelling on the train every morning on my way to university, I used to pass an advertising billboard for a bakery and its slogan was:

  • What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow.
  • Today, we're all aware of the importance of eating healthy foods and avoiding harmful substances in our diets.

    Kombucha has benficial effects on the digestive system, encouraging the growth of good bowel flora.

    When the digestion is operating successfully, the body's resources can be used more efficiently for other functions - to fight off infections, to repair cells, to fuel the brain and other organs.

    Kombucha and Psoriasis and Other Skin Disorders

    As well as drinking Kombucha brew, it can be applied externally - as a poultice - to improve the skin.

    Cut to size, pieces from one of your old Kombucha organisms, then use adhesive bandages to hold these against the affected parts of your skin.

    Change this daily and notice the improvement.


    NOTE: it is always important to observe strict hygiene when using Kombucha in this way. Follow the same procedures as used when making Kombucha brews i.e. wash hands and utensils thoroughly. Only use sterile bandages.

    Kombucha and Arthritis

    Taking Kombucha will improve digestion - a factor in every illness. Many people have reported a lessening of the pain associated with arthritis after taking Kombucha.

    If you suffer from arthritis, examine your diet and try to cut down (or cut out) all wheat products. These have been shown to aggravate arthritis.

    Kombucha and Heart Attacks

    High blood pressure is a major contributor to heart disease (one of the major causes of death and disability in the Western world today).

    2 cups of Kombucha a day are recommended for high blood pressure and 1 cup for low blood pressure.

    As always, it's essential that you look at your overall diet and life style for ways to improve your resistance to heart attack.

    Kombucha and Cancer

    Read how Kombucha can help you if you have cancer.

    Read how you can find help if you have asbestos-related cancer or mesothelioma.

    Working with your Health Professional

    While ultimately, responsibility for your own health rests with no-one but you, it's important to work with your health professional in devising ways to combat any serious illness.

    Kombucha can help you to achieve good health, but it must be seen as only one part of your approach to a healthy life. 

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