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I LOVED your golfing story. Read every word. You're a wonderful writer. (Peter Bowerman, the Well-Fed Writer)


Big Things rule! ... and the video of the Airbus  is great. (Jim McDonald, Birmingham, UK)

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Having enjoyed reading your biographical, They can't take that away from me... I would love to post your article (for my) course for seniors entitled Autobiography and Journaling ... and let them read your article as a good example of what I call the reader's writer, clearly expressed and easy to read. (Howell)

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The French language has always appealed to me ... so I enjoyed Lavinia's experiences en France! (Di Sullivan, Perth, Australia)

I am an American and an expat here since 1990. I have been a subscriber to Writing Tip for a few years now and look forward to the Friday editions. I archive by creating topics of the tips relevant to me and often refer. (Mary, Lagos, Nigeria)


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Who said Aussies would bet on two flies crawling up a wall? Now I know better! (Bill Denham, Chicago, USA)


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I enjoy reading your page every week, Jennifer, it's never boring and there's always something to bring a smile to my face! (Kenny Dima, Tenerife, Spain)

Thanks for pitching in to help clarify the English Language for and with us. (Paul, Portland, USA)

Your story about the evil glasses made my day :)  (Edith, Derbyshire, UK) 


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I enjoy your letter and use it in my advanced writing class here in China. (Bugs, Shenzhen, CHINA)

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I always look forward to your Latin quote of the week. (Paul, Mexico City, Mexico)

Aah! Those evil marionettes are everywhere! Thanks for another great laugh! (Jim Fraser, Vancouver, Canada) 


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Your remarks regarding the alien contact had me in stitches, figuratively speaking, of course. (Dave Wagner, Sacramento, US)

The best part of the missive is the introduction to Australian humour and expressions.  (Chaska, Prince Edward County, CANADA)


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Like your site...very inspirational when you get writer's block like me! (Peter, Seoul, South Korea)


All About Australia

Nice letter, I was using google for once, twice, thrice and quince, and found this page, great ;) (Marv, Zwolle, NETHERLANDS)

One of the most amusing and erudite newsletters that makes my day. Keep going. (David Vasnaik, Bangalore, INDIA)

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Write101 blog

Great newsletter - originally found this site after searching for clarification on a contentious point amongst work colleagues. Just had to look at old issues and now look forward to Fridays (Juliet Wallace, Manchester, ENGLAND)



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How to Write Well
You and I are going to become good friends. Had I had you as my English teacher way back when in high school, I'm sure I would have gotten it then. I struggle writing well in the English language today because I was embarrassed to ask the teacher to repeat things for me. I'm not jumping the gun, but I just want to fill you in as I learn. Your style of teaching has patience behind it and I'm the type of person who needs the material thoroughly explained to me to understand it and learn it, and your book is structured in such a way. For example:

 First Person is the person speaking -- I, me, my, we, us, our

 Second Person is the person to whom you speak -- you, your

 Third Person is the person whose ears are burning -- he, she
This little bit of information really clears up the big picture for me and I understand it totally. I'm just starting and I've learned a lot. This alone will improve my writing. Thank you for your style of teaching and I admire your patience. 

Write Well 101 Student, Osbaldo (Central, SC)

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Or pop Down Under to visit the place this site calls home!

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I love your newsletter! It always has so many interesting things in it. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. (Kathryn Pless, Florida, US)

Write 101 has got everything, learning, humour, passion. Look forward to it every week. (Trevor, Kent, ENGLAND)

Lovely! (Andrew Andabwa, Mombasa Coast, KENYA),

Each Friday is with anticipation as I am a teacher and utilize your writing skills with my students. It has helped me a great deal and I have told of your website to several other local teachers in Ontario. (Don, Ontario, CANADA)

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Nice way to learn English language, some time I am astonished how a word travelled thru so many languages and cultures before being called what it is now. (Raja Tirumala Rao, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA)

Vocabulary for Higher Education

Powerful Words English Tests for ESL
Using Vocabulary Cartoons Developing a SAT Vocabulary
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English Vocabulary Builder Graduate Management Admission Test
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Scroll down to test yourself on some Australian terms ...



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Drat you, write101. Now I find it increasingly more impossible to ignore typos and punctuation errors. I am becoming the editor that I dread! (Dan, Colorado, USA)

Love the newsletter...the "Writing Tips" are great, but I really cherish the glimpse into Aussie life that you provide, half way 'round the world from where I live, here on the coast in Northern California. (Tara Thralls, Point Reyes Station, CA, USA)

Thanks for giving us entertaining and educational reading material every week. I especially enjoy "A Little Something Extra." (Patti Curry, Salem, Oregon, USA)

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As you browse these pages, you may come across some words that strike you as odd because of the spelling, but rest assured, they're perfectly acceptable Down Under in Australia, where this little page calls home ...

They say, "When in Rome ..." but when in Australia, you'll need to know some of our more colourful expressions, so try this little quiz ... match up the terms below and their meanings:

shonky, chook, lob, fair dinkum, she'll be right, cozzie, skite, ridgy didge, fair go, rip snorter

1. a chicken

2. swimming suit

3. boast, brag

4. true, the truth

5. dubious, underhanded

6. a chance 

7. drop in to see someone 

8. original, genuine

9. great, fantastic 

10. it'll turn out okay

Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

And click here for a flying tour of my little corner of the world, then find out if you're eligible to work and/or live in Australia with this Australian Visa advice and free assessment online.

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It's now quarter to one of the wee smalls. I am all alone in my writer's garret - ground floor, but still - and have been roaring with laughter non-stop the past 5 minutes. There's a gale blowing outside, so no neighbours have been disturbed. Pulchritudinous - and you lump putrid together with PILCHARDS? Now I know just what you do NOT want for breakfast! (Rose Lund, SOUTH AFRICA)

What a beautiful part of the world you describe in your rants and show in your photo links. If that were all your site offered it would still be well worth it, to see your world vicariously. (Ivy, Victorville, CA, USA)

I love reading funny stuff and your newsletter is full of them! I also find Aussie words and life down under so unique and interesting. Hope thousands more discover your website. Keep it up! (Shawn, Manila, Philippines) 

I only want to thank you so much for your encouragement and consideration to send letters to help people in the field they are interested in. there's another thing I want to tell you, without you realizing it you change lives, you encourage people, you help people learn. when I ever I fall down and feel like Im nobody why should I dream. I read your e-mails (someone believes in me, someone is interested enough to help me) thank you for your consideration. You have encouraged me so much that everyday I believe that if she believes in people, I can make people believe in me. I am truly thankful for your e-mails, they feed me with so much information. (Dahlia Ibrahim)

A while back I signed up for your writing courses. I took the time to study each and every e mail as best as I could and I must admit your tips have been very helpful. This is especially so because recently I was looking for a job and had no idea how I needed to write a CV then I remembered that you had sent me something about writing CVs that grab attention. I took your tips and fortunately I got a job that I am very thankful for. I take this time to say thank you very much (Asante Sana in Kiswahili)

(Marion Wakahe, East AFRICA)


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1. Chook: a chicken

2. Cozzie: swimming costume

3. Shonky: dubious, underhanded e.g. a shonky practice, shonky business etc.

4. Deadset: true, the truth

5. Fair dinkum: true, genuine

6. Fair go: a chance ("give a bloke a fair go")

7. Lob, lob in: drop in to see someone ("the rellies have lobbed")

8. Ridgy-didge: original, genuine

9. Rip snorter: great, fantastic - "it was a rip snorter of a party"

10. She'll be right: it'll turn out okay

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