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I LOVED your golfing story. Read every word. You're a wonderful writer. (Peter Bowerman, the Well-Fed Writer)


Big Things rule! ... and the video of the Airbus  is great. (Jim McDonald, Birmingham, UK)

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Having enjoyed reading your biographical, They can't take that away from me... I would love to post your article (for my) course for seniors entitled Autobiography and Journaling ... and let them read your article as a good example of what I call the reader's writer, clearly expressed and easy to read. (Howell)

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The French language has always appealed to me ... so I enjoyed Lavinia's experiences en France! (Di Sullivan, Perth, Australia)

I am an American and an expat here since 1990. I have been a subscriber to Writing Tip for a few years now and look forward to the Friday editions. I archive by creating topics of the tips relevant to me and often refer. (Mary, Lagos, Nigeria)


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Who said Aussies would bet on two flies crawling up a wall? Now I know better! (Bill Denham, Chicago, USA)


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I enjoy reading your page every week, Jennifer, it's never boring and there's always something to bring a smile to my face! (Kenny Dima, Tenerife, Spain)

Thanks for pitching in to help clarify the English Language for and with us. (Paul, Portland, USA)

Your story about the evil glasses made my day :)  (Edith, Derbyshire, UK) 


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I enjoy your letter and use it in my advanced writing class here in China. (Bugs, Shenzhen, CHINA)

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I always look forward to your Latin quote of the week. (Paul, Mexico City, Mexico)

Aah! Those evil marionettes are everywhere! Thanks for another great laugh! (Jim Fraser, Vancouver, Canada) 


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Your remarks regarding the alien contact had me in stitches, figuratively speaking, of course. (Dave Wagner, Sacramento, US)

The best part of the missive is the introduction to Australian humour and expressions.  (Chaska, Prince Edward County, CANADA)


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Like your site...very inspirational when you get writer's block like me! (Peter, Seoul, South Korea)


All About Australia

Nice letter, I was using google for once, twice, thrice and quince, and found this page, great ;) (Marv, Zwolle, NETHERLANDS)

One of the most amusing and erudite newsletters that makes my day. Keep going. (David Vasnaik, Bangalore, INDIA)

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Write101 blog

Great newsletter - originally found this site after searching for clarification on a contentious point amongst work colleagues. Just had to look at old issues and now look forward to Fridays (Juliet Wallace, Manchester, ENGLAND)



Expand Vocabulary

The fastest ways to expand your vocabulary

When people think of expanding their vocabulary, the first thing that comes to mind is often those boring CD courses that used to be advertised on late-night infomercials in the 80's and 90's. The good news is that technology has come a long way since then. For example, new vocabulary building software such as Ultimate Vocabulary uses the latest technology to make learning words as easy and effective as possible. Other methods of expanding your vocabulary involve a bit more hard work but may also be worth the effort. These include reading widely, keeping lists of new words manually, and reading the dictionary.

How can expanding your vocabulary lead to financial gains?

An excellent vocabulary will yield financial gains. Many of us do not realize how that can happen. Most of us speak and write well and do not think ourselves lacking in words, but the sad truth is that the majority of us have an average vocabulary. As we grow older, we become resistant to learning new words with the result that our vocabulary remains stagnant. Expanding vocabulary is a practical solution which can boost your income and earn you respect.

Expanding your vocabulary with vocabulary building software such as Ultimate Vocabulary can turn bland speech into power speech. Effective conversation is a key to opening many closed doors. A superb vocabulary helps you be in control of your circumstances. Expand your vocabulary and you will say what you should say in a particular situation. Such mastery over language will impress people all around you.

Moreover, this added skill gives you confidence and improves your self-esteem, which will show in your behavior and speech. People will respect you and see you as a successful person or a person who will eventually gain success. Creating such an impression is made possible by expanding your vocabulary so you can use the right words at the right time.

A hesitant, fumbling person, even if he is incredibly intelligent, will not be able to pull it off at an interview. To be successful, you need to be able to express yourself effectively. Pausing to think of the right word is not something that you would like to do when facing the interviewer. Expanding your vocabulary will make you look better even when you are sure what to say.

An excellent vocabulary is the right way to land into a high-paying job. Researchers have found that youth who had above-average vocabulary skills were found in high-paying jobs, whereas those who had average vocabulary were doing low-paying jobs. There might not be too much difference in their intelligence level; the difference is in how they communicated that intelligence. It is essential to expand your vocabulary to ‘speak smart’.

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