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Analysis vs. Analyses – Pick the Correct Word

Analysis vs. Analyses – Pick the Correct Word

While it may look like one of these words is simply a misspelling of the other, analysis and analyses are actually both valid spellings. They even mean pretty much the same thing.

Besides having different pronunciations, the difference between analysis and analyses is that one is plural and one is singular.

Short and Sweet: Analysis vs. Analyses

Analysis and analyses are both nouns.

  • An analysis is a thorough examination.
  • Analyses is the plural form of analysis.

Continue reading for more information about what analysis means and why this word is pluralized this way. You will also find example sentences to demonstrate the difference in usage, as well as a way to remember how to spell analysis or analyses correctly every time.

What Does Analysis Mean?

Meaning of Analysis: Analysis is a noun meaning a detailed study. Analysis comes from the verb “to analyze.”

One can conduct an analysis on pretty much anything to help better understand it. Usually, one analyzes a complex subject or set of data. One can also analyze a compound to find its chemical makeup.

  • For my graduate degree, I conducted an analysis of communication patterns in workplace relationships.
  • She analyzed the numbers for a pattern to try to crack the code.
  • They ran an analysis on the blood found at the crime scene to look for any irregularities.

What Does Analyses Mean?

Meaning of Analyses: Analyses is simply the plural of analysis. You can conduct one analysis, or multiple analyses. In English, most nouns are made plural by adding an “S” or an “ES.”

For nouns that already end in “S,” this poses a pronunciation problem. “Analysis-es” would be difficult to say, and would look like it should have a long “I” sound. For this reason, analysis is pluralized as analyses. It ends in a long “E” sound, pronounced “analy-sees.”

  • I ran four analyses, all of which unfortunately returned conflicting results.
  • Despite multiple analyses, we still cannot identify the cause of the problem.

Analyses vs. Analysis: How to Remember the Difference

So how do you remember whether analyses or analysis is plural or singular? The “I” in analysis looks like a number “1.”

Remember that an analysis is only 1 examination, while for 2 or more examinations, you should use the plural form analyses.

Recap: When to Use Analysis and Analyses

An analysis is a thorough examination. Use this spelling when speaking about one analysis.

Analyses is the plural form of analysis. Use analyses for more than one analysis.